12 A #berry good #cheesecake 👌 (at xoxo)
4 Drove three hours for these bad boys 😁 (at xoxo)
1 Cure to last night’s mess, oops 😎👌 (at xoxo)
33 Holiday #BQQs are just excuses for more #meat 🐷🐮🐔✌️• #laborday #weekend
9 #Dimsum for one, jk.. Or not..  (at Jing Fong Restaurant)
4 Reporting from the state of #Massachusetts  (at I like to eat in college)
9 I’ve died and went to heaven 👼🐷 (at Smorgasburg)
23 Rise and shine. I’m back, Smorgasburg ✌️🍟 (at Smorgasburg)
0 My perfect way of beginning a road trip back to school. #collegebound #starbucks (at Starbucks)
4 Locos locos 💃 (at Los Perros Locos)
18 Gotta have some #shakeshack before returning to #college (at Shake Shack - Official Page)
8 #Cupcakes for breakfast on the last day of work!  (at 888 7th Avenue)
17 Got them stacks on deck 🐣  (at JoJu)
7 Leaving my internship=excuse for office to have cake 🍰🍴 (at SEO Scholars - New York City)